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Dan's family
I want to introduce my 3 children to you; Breanna, Kelsey and Tyson!

They are the reason I fought through the shit in my head. They didn't deserve to have their Dad abandon or desert them, which I nearly did when I was at my lowest point in this battle. 

But I didn't, annnnd I'm here standing tall.

I'm here able to share with you what I did and how I did it, so you don't have to put your toes over the edge like I did!!

I learned many valuable lessons through my journey of navigating the broken family law system. 

I wasted lots of my hard earned money on lawyers who didn't have my family's best intention.

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My name is Dan Cayer,  I started my own 'DieHard Dads Inner Circle,' where I work closely with 100 Dads (and I seriously mean 100 being the most) to help them to dramatically change their Dad parental relationship with their children.

With keeping 100 Dads in the 'DieHard Dads Inner Circle' everyone is able to learn the best from the best and they have first chance to renew year after year. Openings are filled only when they come available.  

But... if this page is online right now, then that means a spot is open right now. You have a small window of opportunity to grab this spot, but only for you if you act fast.

If you get accepted into the 'DieHard Dads Inner Circle' you must be ready and you must be willing to make it a priority to become a DieHard Dad... NO EXCEPTIONS
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