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Dear Dad,
I need your help DADs!

I am on a Mission... Have you gone through years of having to fight the corrupt family law system and an EX just to stay involved in your children's lives?
If you are anything like me it has been at a huge cost... Mentally, Financially, Emotionally and worst of all I saw what it was doing to my children. 

Annnnd then the False Allegations all so she could alienate me even further from my children

It was beyond words; The brokenness, the humiliation and being demonized all for the sake of monthly tax free child support payments, control and pushing me out from my kids lives... It nearly pushed me over the edge. 

I wish, I would have known that this was happening to other DADs... It would have helped me... knowing I didn't have to hurt alone, I was hurting in silence yet there were many DADs just like you who were also hurting. 

Because of a failed and broken Family Law System - I was now in this whirlwind. I was in constant emotional pain and I found myself grieving for my children even though they  were still alive... it was daily emotional grieving

My Greatest challenge was;
***I JUST WANTED TO BE AN INVOLVED DAD TO MY KIDS, but my ex was stopping me from spending time with my kids at every chance she could!!

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Dan Cayer
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